Pregnancy comes with a whole host of things that make can make us uncomfortable. Most of the time, we are told the just deal with it. That the end result makes it all worth the things that we that happen during the nine months of pregnancy. Do we really have to just bare it, though? Sometimes, the answer is yes. Other times, there are safe things that can be done, through aromatherapy to help.

Body Pain-

Body aches and pains during pregnancy are usually caused by weight of baby pushing or pulling on your body. It can be made worse as your ligaments soften, and is usually intensified with each pregnancy. While it is a temporary relief, a massage can help to relieve the aches for a while. Adding a nice warming and relaxing essential oil blend with black pepper oil to your massage oil can really help. Adding lavender would cause a relaxing effect to rub away stress as well.


Fatigue during pregnancy comes in many forms. The most common is the simple exhaustion that comes with growing a little life. During the day, you always seem to want a nap. Great oils for a pick me up on citrus oils! They can in put in an infuser or used as a room spray. When it comes to getting rest at night some lavender in a massage oil helps with sleeping.


Headaches can be very common during pregnancy. An increase in hormones can bring them on, or the fact that you have cut back your caffeine intake for the health of your baby. Lavender and sweet orange in a diffuser can help a headache. Lemon and spearmint may work as well. Personal preference is needed to find the right fit.

Leg Cramps-

 There are about a million "cures" that people have fore leg cramps, but a great way to sooth them is with a compress of Chamomile and Ginger essential oils.


*Safety is always of a top concern. Always dilute with a carrier oil. Never take essential oils internally while pregnancy. Always talk someone certified before using a certain essential oil while pregnant.