Why is it important?

When something doesn’t feel right during pregnancy one of the first questions a midwife or doula will probably ask is if you have been drinking enough water. Becoming dehydrated can cause any number of problems from leg cramps to contractions. The water you drink during pregnancy helps to make amniotic fluid and flush out toxins that both you and the baby are making. It helps to increase blood volume, and in general deal with the extra work load of growing a little person.

How much should I be drinking?

As a general rule, drink when thirsty. However, during pregnancy it is sometimes easier to just keep a glass always full and handy. Sometimes, you may not feel like drinking water, but you should still make an effort to do so. Making sure to drink two cups of water at each meal is a simple way to make sure that you get around eight cups a day without too much effort. Eight to ten is what is usually suggested when professionals are pushed for an actual number.

What counts?

Water first and foremost! Lots of fruits and vegetables contain water as well as vitamins and minerals that are needed during pregnancy. Avoid caffeine and drinks that are high in sugar.