Ashley is really great to work with. You can tell she really has a passion for what she does!!I so appreciated her willingness to drive an hour to be my doula, I couldn't find hardly any willing to do that! She says that anyone who wants a doula should be able to have one, and she delivered on that statement. She was very informative and loaned me some very helpful books. She made herself very available to me duringpregnancy and we tested often! She was very helpful in the labor process, she sat with me through early labor while my husband finished his workday. She suggested different pain management techniques, some of which were very helpful with back labor!! My husband was very thankful to have her around! It was so nice having someone with us who knew what was going on, this was our first baby, and someone who tried to carry out our birth plan as much as possible. While I was in labor she made sure the atmosphere stayed as calm and quiet as possible. She gave us so much support and my husband and I really like her. We can highly recommended Ashley to anyone seeking a supportive, caring, passionate doula!

Posted 5/15/2013